September 26, 2017 

SwitchPro - Switch Easily Between Network Settings

SwitchPro lets you save all your network settings to one profile. Create one profile of network settings for all locations you are visiting regularly and afterwards you can switch to the settings needed with just one click!
Imagine the time you save! No more mistyping, no more forgetting of network addresse - Switch easily witch one click!
If you are using a notebook with Microsoft Windows and are tired of bearing in mind and typing in dozens of IP addresses for all the different locations you are visiting, forget about that - download your free evaluation copy of SwitchPro and act professionally right now!

Now includes configuration for drive mappings and network shares Version 1.14 available now!

The benefits:

  • Switch between network settings (profiles) with just one click - just as comfortable as with MacOS X!
  • Immediate switching: No reboot required
  • Save the complete network configuration without copying the values manually
  • No mistyping of addresses any more.
  • Let SwitchPro remember as many profiles as you need (The full version lets you save unlimited number of settings)
  • Support for unlimited network devices (LAN & wireless)
  • The Software lets you save settings for your network shares and drive mappings
With the full version of SwitchPro you get:
  • Unlimited number of profiles can be saved
  • Free technical support
  • Free lifetime program updates
  • A SwitchPro version without the info windows

Order your full version of SwitchPro now and work more productive immediately.

You haven't tested SwitchPro yet? The program is shareware - download your free evaluation version now!

Program features

  • Saves unlimited number of network settings (profiles)
  • Each profile can have unlimited number of network devices
  • For each device connection type (DHCP/static), IP address, subnet mask, gateway IP, DNS server configuration (primary and alternate DNS) and WINS-Server will be saved
  • Profiles optionally include settings for network shares and drive mappings
  • SwitchPro reads out your computers current configuration
  • One-Click-Switch from Windows system-tray

System requiremets: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000
about 4 MB free diskspace

Our software has been awarded by the following magazines:

Use  SwitchPro for easy switching between network profiles

SwitchPro - say goodbye to windows' network configuration

SwitchPro - 1000s of networks, one program

Let SwitchPro remember all the network settings you need

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New version of SwitchPro

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